What We Do
On behalf of Canadians who have been diagnosed with alopecia areata,

the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation supports those affected by alopecia areata,
promotes awareness and education of this auto-immune disease, and raises funds for research.

CANAAF offers a support network that provides you and your family with the right environment to
develop your own perspective and experience of alopecia, if and when you seek such assistance.
We will make sure that you hear about current research, and that you have the opportunity to provide
related feedback and insights. We want you to join us in making alopecia more known, as a disease.
CANAAF will work with other alopecia-focused organizations to share ideas and activities, so that you benefit.
And we are here as your collective voice, in communicating with health professionals and government.

10% of each purchase on this page goes directly to CANAAF