Thank You

Thank you for purchasing Head-On, Stories of Alopecia. 10% of your purchase will be forwarded to your chosen non-profit. As an added bonus, click the link below for your complimentary 25 minute session with Deeann to see how Alopecia Life Coaching can benefit you along your alopecia journey.


If you…

*Struggle Moving Forward After Being Diagnosed with Alopecia
*Want to Help Your Child Work on Self-Confidence
*Feel Stuck by All the Overwhelming Options
*Want to Raise Community Awareness
*Desire Work/Life Balance


Alopecia Life Coaching is a great way to discover ways to step forward.


Head-On Life Coaching


Some of What Life Coaching Provides

*A Plan of Action & Accountability
*Information to Navigate Options
*Opportunity to Address Personal Conflicts
*Methods to Identify & Eliminate Hidden Obstacles
*Local & Online Resources for Community Support
*Safe Space to Express Feelings & Emotions Associated with Hair Loss