You must know her…

“You must know her. She has alopecia too.”

I attend a lot of different writing events where I live. During these events, we each talk about our writing experience – what we’ve written, how we published it… As I spoke about Head-On, Stories of Alopecia, a¬†woman interrupted saying, “I know someone with alopecia. She’s from LA, red hair…well red wig (as she motioned a long flowing head of hair). You must know her.”

I almost laughed out loud. Certainly we all must know each other, right? As she continued talking, I wasn’t able to educate her, , but if I had been able to get a word in edgewise, I would have informed her that over 147 million people have alopecia and “No. I don’t know all of them.”

As she continued talking, I realized I actually did know exactly who she was talking about and made the next mistake of identifying her – which in essence is like saying “Yes. I do know everyone with alopecia.”

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