Prosthetic Leg

I met a woman last week who shared her experience of losing her leg in an auto accident. She is an artist, and it is important to be known for her art vs. the loss of her leg. She was wearing jeans at the time, but says wearing a skirt when she is promoting her work is important because she doesn’t want to spend the entire time talking about her missing leg. She has decided what works best for her, and that is using a wheelchair and not a prosthetic. Her amputation is from the knee down. She tried wearing a prosthetic because that was expected of her. It never quite fit right and even caused lymph edema in her other leg, resulting in the near-loss of that one. I was shocked to hear that other amputees told her she didn’t try hard enough, that she was weak and needed to wear one for her own sake. I appreciate her sharing her story, and I also realize the importance of not pushing an agenda when supporting one another. Whether you are an amputee or someone experiencing hair loss, the decision to wear a prosthetic is ultimately up to you and no one else. Let’s continue to support each other in our choice.

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