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I have lived with alopecia areata and Type 1 diabetes for almost 40 years. I am a wife, mother, published author, and small business owner who speaks on multiple topics, including how to advocate and navigate the decision-making process for yourself and loved ones when given a confusing diagnosis; how to find resources and encourage the community around you to help; how to provide all resources available, as a healthcare provider, to your newly-diagnosed patient, and much more.


  • Alopecia Areata and Hair Loss – Why is This Happening to Me, and What Can I Do About it?
    – Q&A Session Included
  • How Our Differences Profoundly Connect Each of Us
  • How to Advocate for Yourself and/or Your Loved One When Given a Confusing Diagnosis
  • How to Encourage Your Community to Support Your Child with Autoimmunity
  • Unconventional Beauty – Who are You, and How Do You Discover Grace with Your New Image?
  • How to Integrate Head-On, Stories of Alopecia as Added Curriculum for Nursing, Dermatology, and Cosmetology Education Support

What People Are Saying

“Deeann Graham is a leader in the field of alopecia and presents with engaging, authentic presence. Her powerful stories invite audience members to tap into their own personal challenges and find hope and community in her genuine compassion. Her book, Head On! highlights a broad spectrum of individuals with alopecia and is universally relevant for all of us!”

Christine Magnussen, Certified Health Coach
Science of Happiness Trainer

“Deeann was a highlighted speaker at “Speaking Up.” Her presentation made us laugh, think, and cry.  Deeann’s presentation was authentic, and her stories had impact.  Deeann had prepared for her speech and was ready to educate those of us at the event about alopecia and about living an authentic life.  She was not only prepared with her speech, but contributed to the event with her insight and ideas. It was an honor to have her as a key speaker at “Speaking Up.””

Sarah Valeos, Event Host/Coordinator, Curator Speaking Up 2017

“Deeann Graham was our keynote speaker at our DNA learning weekend in Calgary Alberta. She has an exceptional ability to connect with her audience on the subject of alopecia. She talked about her experience as well as other people’s experience with the disease. I learned so much from her talk – as I now have a better understanding of the patient’s perspective and how they deal  with alopecia. She did an amazing job of talking about herself and patient’s social and psychological view that can be associated with this condition.”

Chantel Malcolm,
Western Canada Dermatology Nurses Association Conference Organizer

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