During decades of living with the hair loss condition alopecia, Graham had neither met nor heard about anyone else with it; she thus began chronicling her journey and reaching out to others like her. Now, in this beautifully photographed collection, Graham provides a thorough guide to the different types of alopecia and its triggers and treatments, also sharing numerous stories of those affected. Graham gives her story first, documenting the initial moment of discovery (her mother combing Graham’s hair in the bath), diagnosis, coping, and ultimate cultivation of community. Many strong voices are poignantly captured, along with evocative black-and-white portraits: law student Marlina, who thought alopecia would limit her romantic life, but is now married to a “hunk”; Heather, who tattooed a sunflower with a peace sign on her head; artist D.K. Wright, who tells his story in a poem, and Alexis and Vangelis, a father and son given an extra connection by both having alopecia. There are many heartwarming accounts from young children, always accompanied by a parent’s commentary. Interspersed among the personal stories are inspirational quotes on specific topics such as “Pushing the Limits,” “Realizations,” and “Unconditional Love.” This is a powerful compilation of profiles with a sincere and encouraging message. (BookLife)


 “This Book is Wonderful”

This book is wonderful, much needed resource for anyone struggling with feeling “different”. The book shares the viewpoint of many people with Alopecia of all ages. It describes the struggle toward acceptance of a condition that can rob self worth. It helps us all see that visible differences are just: differences. Our family will be donating the book to our children’s schools this fall. The book, with its beautiful photos, is a tool to create empathy and truly walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.”—M. Rivard

“Simply Beautiful”

“Each and every story featured in this book is simply beautiful… My son who is now 10, lost all of his hair when he was 7. Because it is so rare and because the disease is not life threatening, so little is still known or research conducted about this autoimmune disease. As a mother, it is so hard to process the why and hows and what to do. Because it is a visible disease and often misunderstood for cancer, it can be so isolating. From reading about the author to every single story in this book, my family doesn’t feel alone. The stories are from all over the world and I know that my son has an incredible family of Alopecians out there ready to support him and deal with it together.”—Claudia

“A Must-Read for All”

“At first glance, one would think that the personal accounts in this book are simply about a unique hair loss condition that can only be significant to those who live with it. Nothing could be more wrong. The individual stories here provide inspiration to each and every one of us, regardless of who we are. The book speaks to anyone who has ever had to deal with ongoing private struggles mingled with public embarrassment, and furthermore — something we can all well relate to — the debilitating feeling of being helpless in the face of a situation over which we have no control. The stories are real. The people, both children and adults alike, are heroic role models. And the photos are beautiful in a way that strikes us with their authenticity. Written with warmth, honestly, courage, and compassion, this book is a Must-Read for all.”—Marita P.

“Amazing Book”

“Regardless of whether you have Alopecia or know someone who does, the personal struggles, awakening, transformations, and everyday heroism that Graham beautifully spotlights will have you smiling through tears. For real. If you’re human, these stories will resonate with you. Amazing book.” —E.V.

“Personal and Eye-Opening”

“I really enjoyed reading this book. There were so many perspectives from people all over the country and from all walks of life. Head-On was interesting and easy to read. I’ve come across other books that were overly technical or read like a medical review, but Head-On was very personal and eye-opening. Something as simple as hair can have a major impact on the lives of not just the person with alopecia but their family and friends as well… This book is a must have for not only people with alopecia but for friends and family to be able to understand and connect better with them.”—John L.

“My Husband Swears this Book was a Godsend to our Family”

” It’s a must read if you are struggling with this disease. I turned to this book after newly being diagnosed and I was at such a loss. Despite my husband and family being supportive and loving me, what I truly needed was to know that I wasn’t alone and it was okay to feel defeated. I cried a lot reading this book. Between feeling the pain of others and the joy I found in knowing that there are so many people who can relate. My husband swears that this book and the author was a godsend to myself and our family. Found my strength and self-esteem.”— Julian G.