First Blog

This is my first blog, ever! I’ve been torn about what to write about, and so I just haven’t. My sister, Kristan, says to write about anything, but I want to make it better than just anything. In the last several weeks, a lot has happened. My kids finished their school year, my niece graduated from high school (yay Kelcie), and I published a book. These are all incredible things, and certainly ones to celebrate.

Something else happened too. I lost a friend who had been sick for several years. She was a writer, and not just your everyday “I’ll write in a journal” type of writer. She was good. She had a way with words that grabbed you and made you yearn for more. More life, more love, more of everything. I wish I had met her sooner, and I wish I had known her better. As I read through all the amazing messages that have been written about her and to her, I wonder if others may one day see me as someone that special. My hope is that I can be half as wonderful in my own life as she was in hers.

Thank you Christy for being so awesome! You will be missed.

So Thankful by Christy Bailey